Texas Senate Committee Approves Bill to Make it Easier for Texans to Get a Gun License

A Texas senate committee approved a bill to make it easier for Texans to get a gun license today.

Senate Bill 16 would drop the price tag on a permit to carry from $140 dollars to just $40 dollars and it would reduce the license renewal fee from $70 dollars to $40 dollars.

No one testified against the bill before it was approved in a unanimous vote late this afternoon.
But gun safety advocates want the state to fund more education on safe storage for firearms.

"The gun rights advocates have a point that we have one of highest fees in the country. However, we have one the biggest gun violence problems in the country where we have 3,200 gun-deaths a year and the state is not spending any money on that," Andrea Brauer, Executive Director at Texas Gun Sense

Gun rights activists say the bill doesn't go far enough pushing for the right to carry without a permit at all.
A state house committee takes up a bill tomorrow that would eliminate the permit fee all together.


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