Texas Senate Passes "Bathroom Bill"

The Texas senate passed the controversial "Bathroom Bill" yesterday, that would require transgender people to use the public bathroom that corresponds to their birth certificate. The final vote was 21 to 10.

Texas house speaker Joe Straus has publicly and repeatedly denounced the proposal as bad for business.
He has stopped short of declaring the bill dead on arrival.

However, Senator Craig Estes does not agree. When asked whether he thought this bill would effect the economy similarly to the bill in North Carolina. He says they are not the same.

"The two bills are very different. First of all, and our Senate Bill 6 does not effect any business, private business. They are free to decide what they're policy is on bathrooms just like any other person is free to do that," Senator Craig Estes, (R) 30th District.

Senator Estes says through this process he and other state leaders have learned a lot about transgender issues and he wants people to know that any transgender man or woman can have their birth certificate changed by going to a judge.

If people decide to do that, Senator Estes says it would allow them to use whichever gender is marked on the certificate. Now the bill must be passed in the house before it is handed to Governor Greg Abbott for approval.


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