Texas Sheriff's Deputy Makes Daring Fire Rescue

For one Texas sheriff's deputy running into a burning home to make sure everyone is all right is just part of the job. As you can see from dash cam video, there were flames shooting from the roof and smoke billowing. When Art Senteno went inside to look for 77-year-old Charles Bazar, he realized just how dangerous the situation was.

"Up here there's stuff falling from the roof. How I didn't get burned I don't know. I couldn't see a foot and a half in front of me. I had a bright light, and I crouched down and made my way, you know, towards the voice," said Washington County Sheriff's Deputy Art Senteno.

He says those were the longest few minutes of his life. But when it comes to being called a hero even by the fire fighters who arrived he says he was merely doing something he's swore to do--serving and protecting, even if it means risking his life to help others.

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