Texas Weather Modification Company Begins Cloud Seeding Preparations

After Wichita Falls city officials give the green light to cloud seeding, 
the company that will keep their eye on the sky is making preparations to do
just that when the time is right.

Seeding Operations and Atmospheric Research, also known as SOAR is based
in Plains, Texas.

The 3-40 twin engine airplane to be used in the project is already at Kickapoo
Airport and getting ready to fly.

The aircraft is engineered to hold racks on each wing containing 24 flares which
contain the silver iodide needed to seed the clouds.

Gary Walker, SOAR Project director, explains the process.

“You take a suitable cloud for seeding. You inject a condensation nuclei. Which we
generally use silver iodide. That particle goes inside the cloud and the water droplets,
the liquid water droplets in that cloud are attracted to that seeding particle.
That condensation nuclei, the drop gets large enough and heavy enough that
it falls out as a rain drop.”

Walker says in addition to holding flares on the wings, a rack will hold additional flares on
the bottom of the air craft to inject silver iodide into clouds as they grow.

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