Texoma Man Scores Points in Water Conservation with Football Yard

- Despite efforts to make sure every drop counts, dry conditions continue to take a toll on landscaping in Texoma.

But the drought hasn't stopped some residents from having an enjoyable view.

Jeff Perin says he was tired of seeing dirt in his front yard so he transformed it into a field that brings his favorite sport to life.

After the drought really took its toll on his yard he decided to tackle it head on with an interesting concept.

“Couldn't water, it was just basically dirt,” says Perin.

Now he walks out to a gridiron complete with goal posts, bleachers and a tailgating section.

Each NFL team is represented around the field that even includes a scoreboard.

And if you're upset about last year's Super Bowl, don't worry, the scoreboard can be readjusted every week so you can root for your favorite teams.

“Say if 8 teams were playing that weekend I’d put 4 helmets in an end zone, the other 4 helmets in the other end zone, and say my pick of the week team, like the good pick, say it was like a Settle Denver game then I would put their helmets up on the score board and put the final score up on the score board,” says Perin. 

And his new design is scoring some major points with his neighbors.

“Usually everybody stops by and takes pictures, we've had a couple of guys stop by and wanted us to do their yard the same way,” says Perin.

Perin says he hopes others decide to run with the idea of alternative landscaping.

“I think the hard scape, landscape like this is gonna take more of an effect in Wichita Falls due to our water conditions so I think it will be something that more people will be going to,” says Perin.

Perin picked up many of his decorations at garage sales, he spent the most money on the mulch, helmets and the scoreboard but he says he expects it to pay off in the long run.

“I don't have to do anything to my yard for at least ten years so I figured the investment over a ten year period would be saving me money doing it this way over trying to plant grass,” says Perin.

And with no water needed to keep it looking fresh, it's a touchdown in conservation.

Perin says it took a few weeks to landscape his yard and the only other thing he is thinking about doing is painting the goal posts yellow.

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