Texoma Mom Fighting Cancer Stresses Early Detection

- A Texoma mom will soon be traveling to Houston to continue her fight with stage 3 breast cancer.

Andrea Garcia is a dedicated mom of three and a nursing student that's always considered herself to be very independent.

“I was a really outgoing mom, we were always doing things, going swimming, going here going there,” says Garcia.

But her recent diagnosis of stage 3 inflammatory breast cancer has slowed her down.

“ My first round of chemo was really bad, it went really really bad, I was in the hospital for about a week,” says Garcia.

Even in the hospital Andrea says she's not alone as family and friends have become her angels, helping her with whatever she needs, so she can focus on fighting and her support group reaches further than she ever imagined.

“Everybody's kind of come together, tons of people that I went to high school with, you know just people I don't really talk to on a daily basis,” says Garcia.

Her " Angel's" say it's easy to help Andrea because she's always willing to help others.

Like when Susie Garcia's husband was fighting kidney cancer, a battle he eventually lost, Andrea didn't hesitate to step up.

“She was only 19 years old and she stepped in and took care of my kids while we were gone and she stepped in the mother roll of 6 kids,” says Susie Garcia.

Andrea says she never imagined less than 10 years later she would be fighting her own battle with cancer, but says it's taught her to listen more closely to her body as she found a cyst over a year ago but never thought much of it because she is only 27.

“With me so young it really wasn't anything that I had expected and paid too much attention to it but it"s a major lesson learned,” says Garcia.

A lesson she hopes reminds all women to take any changes in their body seriously.

There are a number of ways you can help Garcia raise money for her trip to MD Anderson, including a fundraiser next weekend.

Click here for details.

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