Texoma Officials Remind Residents of Fireworks Rules

- Independence day is only two days away and as everyone gets ready to celebrate Texoma officials want to make sure you are safe this holiday weekend.

Officials with the Wichita falls Fire department, WFPD, the Wichita County Sheriff's office and Burl’s Fire Department held a news conference to clear up some of the more confusing parts of the firework rules.

As a reminder, anyone with property outside city limits can pop fireworks but they must have permission from the county if they plan to invite the general public to shoot fireworks.

County residents don't need permission for family and friends.

“Anybody else who has gatherings on their properties or ranches or two acre spread, one acre house they've got a property, they've got a family reunion, obviously they're there they have permission to be there, there's no doubt about that that,” says Sheriff David Duke.

In both Archer and Wichita County residents must have the landowner's permission.

You must have a person over the age of 18 to act as a spotter.

A minimum of 5 gallons of water also has to be on site.

Also in both Wichita and Archer Counties you must, have fire suppression tools handy.

You cannot use fireworks in winds higher than 20 miles per hour you must have a trash bag and no fireworks near brushy area may be used.

Remember no matter where you go, it is always illegal to set off fireworks on public roads, ditches and right of ways and it's always illegal to possess or set off fireworks within Wichita Falls city limits.

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