Texoma Politics Now: Three candidates vying for the 30th District State Senator seat

A race in the 2018 March primary pits three candidates running for 30th District State Senate against one another.

Wichita Falls native Craig Estes has held the seat since 2001, but this year Pat Fallon, the Texas State Representative serving the Denton County area, and Craig Carter, a Nocona Businessman, say they could do it better than Estes.

One of the major issues facing Texas is immigration. The topic spans from sanctuary cities to undocumented immigrants being allowed to pay in-state tuition.

"I think the most important thing we have to do in Texas as a Texas Legislature is do everything we can to work with the Trump Administration to secure our border because it is better for both, the people who live north of the border and the people who live south of the border," Texas' 106th District Representative Fallon said. "An open border in an immoral border."

"I have never voted against banning sanctuary cities," Texas' 30th District State Senator Estes said. "I am very concerned about banning sanctuary cities. I believe we have a good bill and I coauthored it."

"I don't believe we should have sanctuary cities and I do believe that on immigration, everyone needs to go through the proper steps," Carter said. "If you are going to become a citizen you need to go through the proper procedures."

Another topic heading into the primary includes better funding for public education.

"Improving public education is another passion of mine," Estes said. "I think there is a great opportunity for us to do that  and improve how we finance public education."

"Our teachers haven't been appreciated well. Our school districts aren't funded, especially in the rural areas they aren't funded well," Carter said. "We have to address that. We have to applaud them for the effort they make every day going after the future of our youth."

Representative Fallon has criticized Senator Estes saying he's out of touch with the district and has been an "absentee senator." A claim Estes disputes.
"I have been doing this for years. My life is an open book and I have an open door policy," Estes said. "The answer to can you meet with Senator Estes is always 'yes.' I take great pride and great joy in going throughout the district and meeting with constituents."

Fallon has been criticized for not living in the district for which he is running to represent which stretches from the Sherman-Denison area to Wichita Falls and then south to Stephenville.
"To represent folks you have to talk to folks, and I have a question for some of the people out there, do you know your next door neighbor?" Fallon said. "A lot of people do, some people do. Some people don't. It's not about proximity. Your best friend could live 100 miles away. Does your best friend come and see you, do you go and see him?"

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