Texoma Weighs in on Sen. Cruz and the Affordable Care Act

Ted Cruz' 21 hour effort against the Affordable Healthcare Act ended as many expected.

The senate still voted to end debate and take up legislation to keep the government open past September 30th.

But what do the folks in Texoma think about the actions in Washington?

Some called Senator Cruz's actions heroic, while others said it was just grandstanding and a waste of time.

But however they stand on affordable healthcare, Cruz has made the spotlight on the issue even brighter.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz' talking marathon on the senate floor had some cheering.

“I am so proud of him with the courage to do that, I don't know where he found the stamina but what he is doing is the right thing,” said Nancy Jones, a Wichita Falls resident.

“We need people like him in there. You have to have opposition. You can't have all one side, left, right, you have to have equality and right now congress is totally..., I don't know I don't agree with either one of them,” said Robby Pike, another resident.

Cruz read to his children the Dr. Suess book Green Eggs and Ham, but it turns out not all people like green eggs and ham.

“Well I don't know I never ate them,” said Pike.

“There is better things for him to do with his time then to be reading Doctor Suess books,” said Wichita Falls resident, Gary Sparks.

It remains to be see whether Cruz's efforts were just a stand on principal or will do anything to derail the health care act.
However it ends,  some residents say they will never be sold on it.

“Standing in line to be the next person who needs a heart catheter or a gallbladder removal or finding a doctor that will accept you just the socialized aspect of it where you do not have any say in your own medical care,” bothers Wichita Falls resident Linda Stanley.

“I just don't like the federal government telling me what plan I need to have I think it should be up to each person,” said Jones. 

But other say all Americans need health care and what's happening right now isn't working.

“I would rather have all these people going into the emergency rooms a back ache, a tooth ache, I have hurt myself, go to a doctor. As soon as they go to the emergency room we are talking hundreds of dollars and we are paying for it me and you,” said Sparks.

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