Texoma Women Talk About Experience at Boston Marathon

This year's Boston Marathon was the first time Dr. Shelly Strohman had participated and the second time Brenda Ginnings was there to cheer on her son.

While both say they had left the marathon about an hour before the bombs exploded both say they're still in shock.

For Dr. Shelly Strohman, qualifying for and running in the Boston Marathon was a dream come true she happily shared with her twin boys but that dream quickly ended.

"I went from, running wise, a high to just a low. I mean, it didn't matter anymore that I had just had this wonderful experience running a marathon cause people had lost their lives helping with that marathon and cheering their loved ones on," Dr. Strohman.

Brenda Ginnings was there cheering on her 22 year old son Zach, as he ran in his second Boston Marathon.

She says he finished about an hour before the bombs exploded but she later learned that where she was standing was a danger zone.

"I spent my whole morning sitting on the same block within 100 yards of where the second explosion went off. So, Your mind goes over and over as to you're blessed that you weren't there and yet kinds of just surreal feeling that it could have happened at anytime. It could have happened while I was sitting there," say Ginnings.

While Ginnings says the bombings will not stop her from cheering on her son in future marathons Dr. Strohman had this to say.

"I'll probably have an eerie feeling heading up the finish line if I have that opportunity again but it's definitely not going to stop me from doing that again," Dr. Strohman says.

As the investigation continues to find the bombers Brenda Ginnings says her daughter snapped pictures of the storefront where the second bomb exploded.

And she says the FBI now has the SD card from her daughter's camera to see if her pictures can help them catch the bombers.

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