Texoman Opens Up About Years of Alcohol Abuse

TEENDRINKINGEFFECTS2008-04-01-1207088063.jpgThe fact is, about 75 percent of high school students in Texas have had at least one alcoholic drink. For one Texoman, that first drink opened the door for a lifetime of drug abuse. When Jason Glover took his first sip of alcohol when he was 13, he figured it was an innocent way to pass an afternoon with his buddy. "As a lot of teenagers are growing up, it's kind of a right of passage almost. People have their little parties, you know, their parents are out of town," says Glover. But one drink led to countless more throughout his teen years. He says his alcohol dependence paved the way for marijuana use, then acid and finally, to a crack cocaine addiction that alienated him from his friends and family. "It caused them to be put way back on the backburner as far as their importance, unfortunately. It hurt them. They were neglected," says Glover. He says that rift with his loved ones led him to the Faith Mission's rehabilitation program at the age of 35. He's been clean and sober for five months and hopes to one day counsel teens who are dealing with drug and alcohol abuse so that they don't make the same mistakes he made.

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