Texomans are Taking Part in #100happydays

- Millions of people all over the world are coming together to find a little happiness in each day.

It's part of the #100happydays challenge, and it's been changing the lives of people all over the world.

We caught up with a local teacher who says this challenge has helped her focus more on the positives in her life.

"I had found myself lately kind of being very negative on Facebook with like political posts or school bond issues and that stuff and I was just tired of the negativity and decided I was just going to do something more positive every day," Wichita Falls resident Alicia Crouch says.  

Alicia Crouch is one of many Texomans who've joined the 100 happy days challenge that was started by a 27 year-old from the Ukraine, who now lives in Switzerland. 

He decided he didn't appreciate life to the extent that he should and pledged to live 100 happy days by finding one little thing each day that made him happy and sharing it on social media.

"Lately Facebook and Twitter and turned into more of let's bash each other and argue all the time and stuff, so I like the idea of putting happy vibes back there and kind of just make things a little bit better," Crouch says. 

Crouch says she's had friends and family ask her about the challenge, wanting to get involved.

She says it's a great way to focus on the positives in life, and thinks others should try the challenge.

"I'd love to see everything that makes everything happy all the time. That's why I use my kid's all the time because i like seeing pictures of everybody else's kids and what they're doing and the trips that they take and what's positive, I'd just rather see positive stuff then negative," Crouch says.  

And what makes someone happy is different for everyone.

Crouch says as she looks at the past 47 days that she's taken part in the challenge, she's grateful for the happiness she and her husband have found in their every day lives.

"My husband and I both coach so we're gone, especially this time of the year, all the time and we don't get to see our kiddos near as much so that's just one thing I can, just take a picture of them and it just reminds me what we're working for," Crouch says. 

At the end of the 100 happy days challenge the organizers actually send you a book of all of your posts.

If you'd like to join this free challenge you can visit 100happydays.com and sign up. 

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