Texomans Gather to Pray For Rain

Texomans are doing everything they can to make sure water continues to flow in this drought-stricken region.

Community members from all walks of life gathered at Lake Wichita Park to pray for rain.

The group gathered on the lake's dry lake bed near the water.

They sang songs and worshipped the lord before going into prayer.

Dodie Robey, the event's organizer, says in desperate times God is the only one who can bring enough rain back to Texoma to end the ongoing drought.

"The scripture says that he cares about everything that we do and he cares about every detail of our lives and so we have to believe that he cares enough to send us rain," Robey says. 

Also, Ken Holsberry, a preacher who was at the prayer, says God can be found in all the attempts the city is using to conserve and bring more water to Wichita Falls. 

"I think it's great that as a city we seed clouds and do all those kinds of things because God's given us the ability to do some things but he's the source of it all," Holsberry says. "We can't create rain. He's the only one who can."

Holsberry says while there are skeptics out there on the power of prayer, he says faith is a powerful tool.

Robey says they were pleased with the turnout but say there are no other prayer events scheduled in the future.

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