Texomans React to Norman, Oklahoma Earthquake

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the 4.3 magnitude quake happened at 9:06 am, and it could be felt for miles away.

Lots of people in Texoma were wondering what was going on.

At least two people in Oklahoma City reportedly fell.

One of them broke an ankle.

Here's a look at what some other people experienced.

An earthquake shakes up Norman, Oklahoma Wednesday morning.

Former KFDX intern Melissa Foy, who's a student at OU, was in her car at the bank.

"I was stationary because I was at one of the windows and I felt my car move and I kind of looked around because I didn't know if someone had hit my car or anything and I looked around and everything was normal and I realized it was an earthquake," says Melissa Foy, Former KFDX Intern.

"It was actually quite busy here the phones were consistent for about half an hour people having felt it all throughout Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas," says Julie Dutton, Geophysicist, USGS National Earthquake Information Center.

(Sara DiMura/sara@kfdx.com)

"That earthquake was felt right here in Texoma. Several people called into our newsroom to tell us they felt their house shake wednesday morning. But as far as we know there are no local reports of any damage."

"Minutes after the quake occurred we were flooded with phone calls here in the newsroom and the weather center trying to find out exactly what happened because some people weren't sure what occurred but clearly it was an earthquake," says Bryan Rupp, KFDX Meteorologist.

"I was just sitting at my desk doing some work and all the sudden the house shook, it went through my mind gosh the house is going to fall on me," says Donna O'Dell Archer City resident.

"Me and my dog was here on the couch of course watching tv and all of the sudden I felt the house shake for a couple of seconds I mean violently shake," says Sharon Keith Terral, Oklahoma resident.

Several people put messages on KFDX's Facebook fan page talking about their experience.

And you can continue to share your earthquake experiences with us.

Just log onto Facebook through the front page of our website and request to be added to our page.

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