Texomans Turn to Kickstarter Site for Business Start Up

- Some local entrepreneurs are turning to the web to expand their businesses.

Two Texomans are hoping the website Kickstarter will help them achieve their goals.

Kickstarter is a fundraising site that recently gained some notoriety as two movies were produced using funds from fans all donated through Kickstarter.

Now two local entrepreneurs are hoping they get a piece of some of the sites success.

Jordan Sons makes accessories out of bullet casing, but as his items become more popular, he needs some more space.

“This office I share with my dad and my brother, so it can get kind of crowded at times,” says Sons.

That's why he turned to Kickstarter, an online fundraising site that allows strangers to financially support any endeavor.

“If you have an idea but it's not quite finished, you need an extra boost financially, to get supplies or work space or something, that's a great way to go,” says Sons.

Sons says he wasn't sure how people would feel about his unusual fundraising method, but so far he has received a lot of support.

“All the responses I've gotten from my friends and families, everyone seems to love it,” says Sons.

Another Texoma entrepreneur says he's using the site to help market a family barbecue sauce recipe.

Matt Voss says he likes the site because it allows him to give back to investors through a tiered reward system.

“I'll have some custom 's made Koozie's, you know limited edition, pledge 15-20 dollars, I'll ship them a Koozie,” says Voss.

If he reaches his financial goal, that money will be used to get an internet- based business up and running.

“It allows me to go to a food manufacturing facility, which I’ve already been in discussion with a couple, and do research and development with them,” says Voss.

Voss says he was also hesitant to use the fundraising site, but the response from family and friends reassure him he made the right decision.

He says he recommends Kickstarter to anyone looking to turn their dreams into a reality.

Now if Matt or Jordan do not meet their listed goal, they do not get any money, and investors do not have to pay.

To learn more about Kickstarter click here.

To visit Matt's page click here.

To visit Jordan's page click here.

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