Texomans Turning to Synthetic Grass Because of Drought

- Crispy, dry lawns are a common sight in Texoma these days.

George Berre, who's with ForeverLawn Texas, says, "Basically what people want with their landscape if they want grass is they want usually a green, lush landscape. Unfortunately right now in Wichita Falls, it's not the easiest time to have real natural grass because of our water restrictions and how low our lakes are."

But some homeowners have found a way to beat the heat and lack of water.

Paul Buckingham, a Wichita Falls resident who had the grass installed at his home, says, "We were looking for a solution for our backyard. With the drought restrictions, the fact that [it's] been very hard to grow grass for three years, we've got animals so they're tracking dirt in and out, we needed a solution that would fix that problem."

So, he turned to synthetic grass.

"When people think about turf and hear about turf, what they think about is that short, thick stuff that if they fall down it's going to take a layer of skin off," Berre says. "This for all intensive purposes is grass. It looks like grass, it feels like grass."

In a matter of hours, crews dig out a homeowner's current landscape, bring in a crushed aggregate, like rocks, pack it down, and then roll out the new lawn.

"It's going to give us the look that we'd like to have," Buckingham says. "And of course, with the drought restrictions and possibly stage four, we have no idea what's going to happen."

And it will stay green...no matter the water situation.

Installing synthetic grass has been popular in perpetually dry states like Arizona for years.

Berre says because of dry conditions in the state, it's taken off in Dallas and the Midland-Odessa area, too.

For more information, visit http://www.foreverlawn.com/texas.html

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