The Towing Business Gets a Boost Due to Christmas Blizzard

It's a risk many have taken, braving the slick roads. And it's clear many regret taking the risk now. 

Stranded cars along the side of the roads: It's what's kept tow truck drivers on the job throughout the night.  Charles Jackson, owner of Easy Tow said, "In the last 24 hours I would say we have probably pulled about 30 people. 

Tow truck driver Clay Schmoker explained, "I started about noon yesterday pulling people out of the ditches, and taking wrecked cars to body shops, and taking a few people home that were stuck in cars." 

And for some, one pull wasn't enough. "I don't like to pull people out two or three times and I actually had somebody I had to pull out three times yesterday for free."

And though the hours have been long for these tow truck drivers, Schmoker says even on Christmas, it has its rewards. 

"It's just something different. Like I said I weld all the time and getting i like getting in a truck and doing something different," said Schmoker. 

TX-DOT has been working around the clock to keep the roads open, if not completely safe. 

"If you are not driving excessively fast, they are pretty good in the improved areas, like in Iowa Park, in Burkburnett, in Wichita falls. When you get out in between them it's very spotty and there is a lot of ice," he warned.

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