The Whiteside Museum of Natural History to Open this Saturday in Seymour

Ever wonder what Texoma was like more than 280 million years ago?

Find out this Saturday at the grand opening of a new museum in Seymour that
will showcase some to the world's rarest fossils of reptiles dating back to times before
dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Staff at The Whiteside Museum of Natural History are busy preparing for its grand
opening Saturday, June 7th.

Visitors will have the chance to step back in time and see rare fossils found around
Texoma, some of which date back to more than 280 million years.

Seymour is located next to one of the world's greatest Permian bone beds and some
of the world's best preserved fossils have been been discovered in the area.

While these perfectly preserved fossils tell a story from ages ago, the museum will
help preserve and keep this important part of history where it belongs.

“Seymour itself has been hunted for fossils since the 1890s. It's an extremely special
place for Permian-aged fossils which are about 287 million years old. Back in 1882,
Charles Sternberg found the first Seymouria, which is a link between reptiles and
amphibians and kind of helped put Seymour on the map for having a really amazing
and famous fossils.” Says Chris Flis, The Whiteside Museum of Natural Science Director.

The grand opening is Saturday, June 7th from 10 am to 6 pm.

Admission is free and a free lunch will be provided to attendees.

There will be fun activities for kids, including fossil painting and fossil digging.

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