Thornberry: Committee will not Approve Base Realignment

In the face of sequestration cuts, Air Force Bases across the country are dealing with civilian furloughs, reduced training and even the grounding of planes at many bases. Adding to that, the president has requested a Base Realignment and Closure round in 2015 as part of his defense spending proposal

13th District Congressman Thornberry says that won't happen.

Back in 2005, more than 2,000 jobs from Sheppard's medical training programs were lost, moving to San Antonio Regional Medical Center at Fort Sam Houston

Now, the president is requesting that once again the federal government consider a base realignment in 2015 to save money. Congressman Mack Thornberry Vice Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee says no chance.

He says, "This next week the HASC will approve our annual defense bill. It doesn't approve BRAC. It says no amount of money can be used to prepare for another round of base closing."

In fact, he says the base closing round in 2005 still hasn't paid for itself .

"We're not going to do that and it's not going to happen this year."

He says the effects of sequestration are already being felt and he expects civilian furloughs to begin this summer. Thornberry says the solution is to stop cutting discretionary spending like the military's budget and instead focus on a bigger budget agreement

Thornberry says, "Hopefully we can do that so we quit whittling away at the most essential thing to government does, which is defend the country."

Thornberry says defense spending has been cut enough already, and if more cuts are needed they should come from so-called entitlement programs.

"We're not going to take away from social security or medicare, but we have to make changes so those don't eat up a whole budget."

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