Thornberry Says Military Spending Cuts Is Not The Answer As Sequester Looms

Thirteenth District Congressman Mac Thornberry said defense is not the problem as he spoke to dozens of Texomans at the Courtyard Marriott this morning.

And with automatic, across the board cuts, known as sequestration set to take place next Friday, Thornberry took the opportunity to speak about the effect those cuts would have on the community.

In the summer of 2011 the Federal Government was suppose to clear out the debt ceiling, but instead they raised the debt ceiling, and reduced proposed increases for future government spending.

And now it's leading to the possibility of sequestration.

Mac Thornberry said today these cuts would directly effect our military.

He said at Sheppard Air Force Base Training would be reduced, cutting things like flying to reduce fuel costs.

He said the Federal Government's job is to protect the United States and cutting defense spending is not the solution.

Using graphs he showed that federal defense spending per person in the U.S. has remained at about $2,000 since 1962.

But domestic spending has increased, and is now at about $10,000.

To avoid sequestration Thornberry has proposed his own bill which would delay the Affordable Care Act.

"They are not going to be ready to implement it in January anyway. So just delay for a couple of years and use those savings which is about $130 billion to offset the savings that would have come from sequestration," he said.

Thornberry says he foresees the U.S. hitting sequestration next week.

But he said in the next two months there are many deadlines for the federal government like government spending, budget resolution, and the debt limit in may.

And he says he's hopeful those deadlines will make things happen in Washington.

"I don't know exactly how it will happen but I think someway those things are going to be worked out so that we don't have all of these bad consequences that would effect the military," Thornberry said.

He says both sides will have to come together to resolve the issues in the next two months.

And the Federal Government will have to find other places to make spending cuts.

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