Thornberry speaks out on Romney's VP pick at Texoma business meeting

United States Representative Mac Thornberry visited with Texoma business leaders on Tuesday to talk about the struggling economy.

The goal was to learn more about how taxes and regulations are affecting local job creation and growth.

About 35 business leaders took part in the business roundtable discussion that mostly focused on the economy but also touched on other topics like healthcare reform.

Congressman Thornberry says voters have already been impacted by the healthcare decision.

"I think it is a good lesson for all regulations," Thornberry says. "People are going to react in a way that makes sense for their pocket books and sometimes you are going to have unintended effects and we're already are seeing that happen with the healthcare bill even though most of it has not yet taken effect."

Thornberry adds a lot of local business owners are holding back on hiring and expanding and are waiting to see how taxes and regulations will affect their companies.

Also, he weighed in on Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney's decision to choose Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan as his running mate.

"That's exactly what we need, that kind of youthful energy but also intelligence and common sense," Thornberry exclaims. "I think it is exactly what the country needs. I think it will help Romney politically but more important it's just what the country needs with the economy in such trouble."

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