Thornberry Talks About Supreme Court Healthcare Ruling

    It was a close call, but with a five to four vote, the US Supreme Court decided part of President Obama's healthcare law that requires Americans to purchase insurance is legal and constitutional.
    Earlier today we spoke with 13th District Congressman Mac Thornberry, and here's what he had to say of the ruling:
    "I was shocked when I saw what the Supreme Court had ruled.  It was not anything I expected.  I especially did not expect them to rule this way by calling this a tax.  Under this ruling, basically the federal government can make us do anything it wants, and then tax us if we don't comply."
    Thornberry says he disagrees with the Supreme Court's decision.
    He says though most of the healthcare bill has not yet taken affect, if nothing changes by 2014, the full bill will take affect.
    Thornberry says voters can make that change in November.
    He also says the House will vote again in July to repeal the entire bill.

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