Thousands of Computer Users May lose their Internet Monday

Thousands of Americans who might want to surf the web on Monday won't be able to to.

It's all because of a computer malware called DNS changer.

Computer hackers created it to reroute computer users to different sites using the IP web address

Experts say computers most likely become infected by users clicking on links or opening attachment files with the DNS changer.

One local computer business says it shouldn't be too difficult to clear out the virus- but you will need to find a way back online to solve the problem

"It's going to require a virus clean up sometimes it may require a reload of the computer the virus can be a boat sector virus where it actually gets into the computer where it will be before the computer is actually active and then anything you do is going to be infected," said Computronix owner, Lance Anderson.

To find out if you are infected with the malware virus follow this link .

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