Threatening Note: Gunman Penned Details of Deadly Plans before Setting Fire

WEBSTER, N.Y. -  The gunman who killed two firefighters during a pre-dawn ambush on emergency responders in suburban Rochester, N.Y. left behind a note outlining his "clear intent" to burn his neighborhood to the ground and "do what I like doing best, killing people," police said on Tuesday. 

A lone gunman, identified as William Spangler, set his home and a car on fire on Monday in what police called "a clear ambush on first responders." Spangler was found dead at the scene. Two firefighters were killed; two others were seriously wounded.

The two to three page note contained the shooter's "clear intent" to ambush first responders but did not reveal the shooter's motive. The police chief said that the shooter's motive may have taken root more than 30 years ago when the police department arrested Spangler for murdering his grandmother. 

"There was no motive in the note. There were some ramblings in there. It spoke mainly of his intent to burn his neighborhood down and hurt as many people as possible before stopping," Webster police Chief Gerald Pickering said at a press conference on Tuesday. 
Authorities are still trying to locate Spangler's sister Cheryl, Pickering said, urging anyone with information on her whereabouts to contact police. 

Spengler was armed with a .223-caliber Bushmaster rifle, a .38-caliber revolver and a 12-gauge shotgun, cops said. The Bushmaster rifle used by Spengler is the same make and caliber semiautomatic rifle as the one used in the Connecticut school massacre.

Spengler killed two firefighters and wounded two others before fatally shooting himself. Once firefighters arrived, Spangler, under a  'position of cover' fired at the firefighters from a distance after they arrived around 5:30 a.m. to battle the blaze near the Lake Ontario shore, just east of Rochester, Town of Webster Police Chief Gerald Pickering said.

The shooter was found dead hours after a brief shootout with cops according to Pickering. Spangler was found around 11 a.m. near the shore of the lake with a self -inflicted gun shot wound. The first Webster police officer who arrived on the scene exchanged gunfire with the shooter.

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