Three Candidates Running for Wichita County Precinct 4 Commissioner

As your Local Election Headquarters, we're taking a look at the contested Wichita County races in next week's Primary election.

On Thursday, we took a look at the Wichita County Precinct 4 commissioners race.

After four terms as Precinct 4 commissioner, Bill Presson announced he was not seeking re-election.

His announcement drew three republicans and a democrat on the ballots.

All three candidates agree the ongoing drought is their precinct's most pressing problem and are hoping voters will help them get elected to help work on a solution for that issue and many others.

Michael Hagy is one of three republicans running in the primary for Wichita County Commissioner Precinct four. 

Hagy says, "When Bill Presson decided he wasn't running, then I decided this would be a good time for me to continue my long lengthy service as a public servant."

Hagy says his 30 plus years of experience in the Texas Criminal Justice system makes him the right candidate to fill the precinct four position incumbent Presson will vacate.

"I think I'm the most qualified person to assess those needs to make sure that the citizens of Wichita County are safe and secure and that everything we need we have and those things that we don't need, we don't waste money on," Hagy says.

However, his challengers say  they are a better fit for the commissioner's seat.

Jeff Watts says his experience in managing taxes will bring an important skill to the commissioners court. 

"I'm a small business owner in Wichita County," Watts says. "I know what it's like to pay taxes, both property taxes and business personal, so setting an affordable tax rate that we can maintain is paramount."

Watts has served on city, county and school boards over the last 25 years.

Steve Scott will also appear on the ballot on March 4. 

He says he's always had an interest in helping others.

"I've always had a concern for people in the community and tried to help people on a personal and business level," Scott says. 

All three candidates say other than working on the county's water crisis, they have other items on their agenda.

Scott says, "The main thing I want to fight for is try not to lean on the government and be more efficient within our precinct and county."

Hagy says, "I'd like to truly balance the budget. Have a zero deficit budget. So, that means you either have to raise additional money or cut your expenditures."

And, Watts says, "I want to see us continue to grow and develop jobs and make Wichita County a place that other people want to call home."

If none of the three candidates gets a majority of the votes on election day, this race could go to a runoff.

A runoff election would be held on May 27. 

The winner of this race will face democratic candidate Allyn Arnold in November.

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