Three Running for Vacant Throckmorton County Position

- No one has run for the elected position of constable in Throckmorton County for years.

Sheriff Ricky Hodges says, "The constable's primary job is to serve papers: a process server. It's not like we have that many in Throckmorton County."

Judge Trey Carrington says, "That office hasn't been filled since the end of 2008. For whatever reason now that someone wants to fill that position, I have no idea."

It's been so long, in fact, that had no one filed to run, the county could have abolished the position entirely next year.

"Under Article 5 of the Texas Constitution, the commissioner's court, after a seven-year period, if that office has been vacant, the commissioner's court can declare that position dormant," Carrington says.

But that won't happen now as there's a sudden spike in interest for the job.

Three men want to be the county's new constable.

Officials say they can't explain the sudden interest.

"It's probably not going to pay what they could actually make a living doing," Hodges says.

The county's last constable, Clint Harper, left at the end of 2008 and went to work in Baylor County.

He was making $400 a month.

Money aside, officials say they'd appreciate the extra pair of licensed peace officer hands around the county.

"If the right person got in there and did the job correctly, they could definitely help. It could be beneficial to us," Hodges says.

Those running for Throckmorton County constable include: John Riley, the county's former sheriff; Lester Moses, who's worked with TxDOT for about 25 years; and J.D. Bruton, a rancher in the county.

They're all on the republican side of the ticket, meaning that if one of them gets the majority vote in next month's primary, he'll have the job.

If not, there will be a run-off.

The newly elected constable will not take office until January 1, so county commissioners would wait to set the constable's salary so it's taken out of next year's budget.

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