Time Is Running Out To Apply For New MSU Grant Program

WICHITA FALLS, TX - Students who are the first in their families to go to college could qualify for reduced tuition at MSU.
The Priddy Program was designed for low to medium income, first-time students.
MSU student, Heather Goolsby said, "I saw my parents work really hard day in and day out trying to make a living for us, but I realized college was the opportunity where I was going to make a better life for myself and not just me but my family as well." 
21-year-old Heather Goolsby is very proud to be the first in her family to attend a university.
"I was like yeah, I'm going to be the first one, I'm going to make the stepping stone and maybe my kids and my grandkids will be affected by me going to college and there's a lot of things people don't realize first generation students go through," Goolsby added.
Everything from deciding what to major in, or where to live or the most important thing, how to pay for college.
Vice President of Student Affairs, Keith Lamb said, "Every year, we are aware of students where funds are a barrier to attending MSU or other schools."
That's why The Priddy Foundation saw great value in helping those students along the way.
Someone like Goolsby racks up about 23 thousand dollars in student loans before they ever walk across the stage to accept their diploma, and some may never see graduation day.
Goolsby said, "I have several friends that ended up dropping out for a semester or two because they couldn't afford to do both. They couldn't afford to stay at work full time or they couldn't afford to go to the classes and miss the work." 
Although she may not qualify, because she is a senior, Goolsby said the program will be very beneficial for students who do.
"We are looking for students who we believe would truly benefit them and change their lives, which is kind of what we are in the business to do is to change lives," Lamb added.
By taking advantage of the program, those students who qualify will be able to focus on where their education will take them in life, rather than worrying about how they are going to pay for it.
The program will cover tuition, fees, books and room and board and will also give students the chance to study abroad for a semester. 
30 students will be accepted this first year, 10 incoming Freshman, 10 MSU Sophomores and 10 Juniors.
Applications are due by July 21st. Simply click on the link https://orgsync.Com/161575/forms/264397 for more information and to apply. 

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