Time is Ticking for The New Grand Hotel

- It remains the tale of two stories when it comes to the New Grand Hotel, and whether it will be open for Hotter 'N Hell Hundred riders.

A few months ago, hotel officials said they'd be open by mid-July in time to house riders who've pre-paid to stay there.

We called the hotel today and left a message, and the recording said the hotel will be opening and taking reservations on July 27th.

City officials say they've sent the hotel owners a letter explaining they have yet to apply for any permits with the city and health department.

And with Hotter'N Hell nearly a month away, time is running out.

"I think with the grand hotel, its all up in the air right now. The hotel folks tell us that they're going to be open. I don't know if they are. The folks that call into us are getting no satisfaction when they call over to the hotel," Chip Filer with the Hotter'N Hell Hundred. 

Filer says nearly 65 riders pre-paid to stay at the hotel again this year.

But, the hotel lost its lodging license in December, and has yet to apply for any permits with the city to re-open.

This has city officials concerned too, beyond Hotter'N Hell weekend.

"The Grand Hotel is our largest hotel. So, when its not up to standards or when its closed all together, it really makes it hard for us to go after other business," Lindsay Greer with the Convention Visitors Bureau says. 

The hotel claims it will be opening on July 27th.

But, city and health department officials say it needs a new roof and other major repairs.

And, with no permits from the city, the clock is ticking, as riders wonder if they'd get their money back.

"My only advice to them is, if they paid with a credit card and they don't have a room, to go back to their credit card company," Filer says.  

Hotter 'N Hell organizers are trying to make sure folks have a place to stay.

So, if you're interesting in hosting some of the riders, you can visit http://www.hh100.org/

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