Tips on Preparing Vehicles for Winter Weather

Winter weather can wreak havoc on your vehicle.
That's why automobile experts say you should check your vehicle to make sure it will continue working when it gets bitterly cold.
Mechell Dixon spoke with a local mechanic to find out what you should check.

Car experts say wintery weather can not only make driving difficult and dangerous but it can also prevent your car from even starting.
Bill Rose of Rose's Automotive says you don't need a mechanic to check some important things under your hood.
He says make sure your battery connections are free from corrosion which can keep your vehicle from starting and that your radiator is free of any cracks.
He also says wiper blades should work properly along with your tires and brakes.

"Make sure you've got good tires on it and that they're properly inflated and your brakes.  If you've got a problem with the brakes it make it even worse when you get into snow or ice.  Very dangerous," Rose says.

Rose says other things to check include making sure your belts and hoses are not cracked, your antifreeze reservoir is full and your washer fluid container actually contains washer fluid and not water, which can and will freeze.
While winterizing your vehicle can range from a little to a lot of money, experts say it's something you can't afford to ignore because it can help save your life.

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