Tips to Avoid a Space Heater Fire

- This time of year more and more people are plugging in their space heaters to keep warm.

But even the small heaters can start a fire if they are not used properly.

There are many types of small portable heaters, but Lowe's employees says it's important to pick the right one for your needs and know the built in safety features.

One department manager says the rule he stresses to customers the most is, do not plug your heater into an extension cord because they can not handle the amount of power needed to run your heater.

“If you've ever done that even with the small ones and you let it run for a little bit, that extension cord gets hot. That right there is a hazard. It's best to plug it right into the wall,” says Lowe's Seasonal Department Manager Richard Pacheco.

Pacheco says you should look for a heater that turns off when it's tipped over.

Never keep your heater by clothes or curtains.

When you take your heater out for the first time after having it stored away you should use compressed air to clean out the dust.

And if you have small children, an oil filled heater is best because a child who touches it will not burn themselves.  

Pacheco says you should never leave space heaters running unattended.

You can also buy heaters with timers, so if you want to fall asleep and not worry about it, you can set it to turn off or on at a certain time.

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