Train Now & Finish First, HHH Training

It may seem like miles away, but Wichita Falls' annual summer ride is right around the corner.

But if you plan to race in this year's Hotter 'N Hell Hundred now is the best time to train.

Sunday will mark 90 days until Hotter 'N Hell Hundred 2013.

And if you're wanting to brave this year's ride, it will take that amount of time to get not only your endurance up, but your strength as well.

In just three months we'll see hundreds of riders racing to the Hotter 'N Hell finish line.

And if you're going to complete the 100 mile ride in 100 plus degree heat, avid cyclist Dail Neely says now is the time to get on the saddle.

"Mileage, and intensity. The harder you go the longer you go, the more fit you get. I am probably only doing 100 miles a week right now, we will get that up to about 150 and 200 miles a week," said Neely.

But if you are looking for a competitive edge, pedaling shouldn't be your only form of training because Crossfit Endurance Coach Daniel Boyd says endurance is only half of the equation.

"If you train strength such as squats, core training, things like that it's going to make you not only more efficient but it's going to make you much faster, much stronger and able to go at a much better pace," he said.

Boyd says Crossfit exercises are good for cross training because it focuses on targeting the center of your body.

"We are going to work from the core out so rather than working bits and pieces and trying to make a stronger whole we are going to work at a stronger whole and by default the bits and pieces will get stronger on their own," said Boyd. 
So come race day, you'll be at the front of the pack because you worked out ahead of time.

Another important aspect of training is your diet.

Boyd suggests eating lots of fats, but not adding too many carbs to your diet.

He also says water is key, and you should drink as much H20 as your body can hold. 

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