Turkey Fest 2013

Thousands of people spent the day in downtown
Henrietta for an annual celebration, and that had many people gobbling.

"Three, two, one, go."

It was a race in Henrietta at Turkey Fest, where turkeys were the ones striding toward the finish line.

And that, had lots of kids entertained.

"Gobble gobble gobble," said one child."

"Someone had to swat their bottoms," said another.

But live turkeys weren't the only speeding down the track.

Clay County high school seniors were as well.

"I liked the superman one, I liked their costumes," said one boy watching.

Judged by their ensembles and speed, one team would take the lead, and each member of their team would receive a $500 scholarship to college if they were dubbed number one.

But with so much on the line many seemed to fall on their sides.

Which gave kids another funny sight to see.

"Some people kept falling down," a viewer said.

"I liked the one where they fall down," said another child.

And though they might have hit the ground their spirits did not, because it was all just fun and games at turkey fest.

Winners of today's turkey hunt raffle will get enjoy hunting tomorrow for the last day of turkey fest events.

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