Twins Battle For Top Graduate Honor

The Leal twins say they spend just about every waking moment together. Since middle school, they've been competing to be number one.

For years classrooms in Quanah have been a battleground.

Sentences, like we will be talking to each other, and did you mean to say that? Like that's not right, you didn't use that correctly. Just stuff like that. In class, raising our hands, just everything, it's a competition,” said Amanda Leal.

A competition between Amanda and her twin brother, Michael Leal, fighting to get to the top of the class.

We hated each other for the longest time because it was one over the other all the time,” said Matthew.

And now, as seniors, results are in.

And the race came down to less than a tenth of a point.

Mine is 4.92 and Amanda's is a 4.93,” said Matthew.

It feels good, I don't know, it feels really good,” said Amanda.

At first I was crushed I wanted to go into my room and cry,” said Matthew.

But now that race to the top is over, the sibling rivalry has calmed down, slightly.

And they can shake hands and pay praise to a job well done

I am just really proud of her for what she's accomplished, and I am proud of myself. I mean we are lucky that we are both at the top,” said Matthew.

He's my best friend. He has been there since birth, I didn't have to have friends when I was little, I had a constant playmate at home,” said Amanda.

A playmate she's happy to sit by, during their final days in high school.

While the high school competition has come to an end, the rivalry is sure to heat up again with Amanda becoming a Baylor Bear and Matthew to become a Texas Longhorn.

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