Two Candidates Run for City Council District Three

    Early voting for the the Wichita Falls City Council election ended yesterday, so your only chance to vote now is Election Day: this Saturday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
    It looked for a while like there might not even be an election, due to lack of interest of candidates for the four open seats.
            But on the last day of filing, three candidates filed for Rick Hatcher's seat, so only voters in District 3 have a choice.
    Hatcher can not run for reelection to that seat because of the term limit rule.
    One of those three candidates later withdrew because he was not a registered voter in the city.
    Brian Hooker and Casey Elliott O'Donnell are running for Wichita Falls District 3 City Councilor.
    Hooker was born and raised in the area, just outside the city limits.
    He went to Bible Baptist in Wichita Falls for high school, then attended MSU.
    Hooker owns several local businesses: Comet Cleaners, Sun Point Tanning Center, and Planet Fitness.
    "With all of my businesses, I've been involved daily with budgets, spending money, saving money, employees.  The daily business of a small business, in my opinion.   The success I've had running this businesses would be a good mindset to have on city council," Hooker says.
    He says if elected, he'd focus on the local economy.
    "To help the city maintain the good sense of business it's had so far and to continue the success of the city," Hooker says.
    Casey Elliott O'Donnell is a 21-year-old MSU student who plans to graduate this semester with a political science degree.
    He was born in Pittsburgh, PA and has lived in Wichita Falls six years.
    He says his age and lack of experience in politics could actually be a plus for city government by bringing a fresh perspective to the council.
    "I want to make a difference in people's lives.  I know that I'm young and some people might think I'm inexperienced, but ever since I was in grade school I've aimed my entire life to do this."
    O'Donnell says employment and the real estate market seem to be on the upswing finally, and if elected, he would do everything he can to keep that trend going.
    "We have to make sure we keep taxes low and create a very competitive environment so businesses can flourish and we keep the unemployment rate down so we can make everyone economically be more sound," O'Donnell says.
    District 3 will have three polling locations: Jefferson Elementary, Cunningham Elementary, and MSU.
    If you aren't sure if you're in District 3, just call the city clerk's office, at 761-7409, or go to the news section and look for the map of city district boundaries.
    And in the "Don't Miss It" section, you can find a voters guide in the "Elections" box.

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