A frightening fall from a cell tower on Wednesday afternoon sends two men to the hospital.

According to Archer County Sheriff Staci Beesinger, two men fell from an 80 foot cell phone tower just outside Archer City's city limits shortly before five on Wednesday afternoon.

Beesinger says the men fell about 30 feet to the ground after their safety equipment came loose on their way down.

Jayce Graham says she knew four men were outside working on the tower located on their family's property and didn't think much of it until there was knock on the door.

Graham says, "It's one of the guys, he's in his harness and he is panting and he's sweating and he's saying somebody, two people just fell off the tower and need you to call 911."

Graham says emergency crews were quick to respond.

"They are attending to the guys, putting them in the neck braces," Graham says. "They were talking, they're groaning and the other two guys are standing there shaken up watching them. It was really horrible.

Beesinger says a helicopter from Wichita Falls and another from Mineral Wells were used to transport the victims to the hospital.

"One chopper landed, they loaded the one guy up and it took off and then the other one landed, loaded the second guy and took off," Beesinger says.

She adds the incident appears to be an accident but her deputies will continue to investigate.

She says both men were conscious and talking.

"I'm just thankful that they had gotten that far down the tower before it did break and they fell because if would have been much higher it certainly would have been a bad ole deal," Beesinger says.

The names, conditions or the company they worked for have not been released.

Beesinger says investigators should be releasing a report on Thursday.

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