Two Sticker System in Texas to Change Next Year

- For decades, drivers in the state of Texas have had two stickers on their windshields-- one for the state inspection and one for vehicle registration. But the days of the two sticker system are coming to an end.

We'll have to wait until March for the new system to get up and running.  And just because you won't need an inspection sticker does not mean the state is doing away with inspections. It simply means one sticker will verify your inspection and registration are taken care of.

An inspection is requirement for all Texas vehicles. A valid sticker is proof it is safe to drive while another sticker certifies the vehicle is registered in the state. However, the days of this Two Sticker system is coming to a halt.

"Sometime within the next year, the system will go to a one sticker system for your motor vehicle," says Clay Glasgow, chief deputy tax assessor-collector in Wichita County.

Drivers are still required to have their vehicles inspected annually. But soon the inspection must come 90 days prior to the registration expiration date.

"You will bring that recipe to our office, here at the court house annex and you will have your car renewed not only for your inspection but also for your registration," says Glasgow. 

Officials say workers at the county tax assessor collector's office will give you one sticker that verifies your vehicle is inspected and registered. One drivers tells us he is looking forward to the new system because he says, for him, the current one with separate expiration dates for inspection and registration can get confusing.

"Sometimes, I forget and it goes over. This year it happened to me when the sticker went over 30 days before I noticed it was out," says Charles West, of Wichita Falls.

But lawmakers say the new system will change that.

Although that new system took effect September 1, 2013, the change will actually start affecting drivers on March 1, 2015.

State officials says this will save about $2 million.

For more information on the Two Steps, One Sticker" vehicle inspection and registration system click the following link:

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