Two Water Lines Burst in Olney

Residents in Olney are under a Boil Order tonight after two water line breaks.

City Officials say about 17 hundred people are without water tonight.

And it's not just folks and their homes being affected.

Schools are quiet.

Restaurants empty.

And it's all because of this muddy mess.

This is where a water line pipe burst Thursday afternoon after an electric company broke the line while digging to put up a new pole.

Crews worked throughout the night to fix the leak and once finished they found themselves in the trenches, again.

Another water line had burst.

"It's not uncommon at all when you shut your system down and when you start recharging the system and get the water to flow through the pipe that it will break. Pressures, air hammer, things shift in the ground, things like that will cause the pipe to break," said Danny Parker, the City Administrators

People rushed to grocery stores hoping to fill there cart with one special ingredient, water.

"First thing this morning she had to go stock up on water, she went and bought 10 cases of water, and 10 gallons of water," said Kevin Marsh, an Olney resident.

Store shelves were quickly left empty leaving others going great lengths to get their hands on some h20.

"My brothers old lady had to go all the way to graham to get some water filled up 5 gallons of purified water," said Richard Gilbert, another Olney resident.

And until the city's water can be turned back on it's those bottles of water that will have to keep them satisfied.

City officials say they hope to be able to have the water flowing again sometime this evening but when that happens, residents will have to boil that water before using it until city officials say it's safe again.

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