TxDOT Identifying Guardrail Damage from Winter Storms

Much of Texoma was spared yesterday and today from sleet, snow and freezing rain but as Mechell Dixon reports, the impact of the winter weather has TxDOT crews continuing to calculate and even locate road damage from previous storms.

When winter weather makes roads slick wrecks can happen-- wrecks that can cause a driver to collide with a guardrail.
It actually happened Monday  here on Interstate 44 North in Wichita Falls leaving mangled metal, tire tracks and debris on the roadside.

Guardrail damage that's this severe is noticeable but TxDOT officials say there are thousands of hits, especially during bad weather, that never get reported.

"A lot of people will wreck out, hit the guardrail and keep driving or they'll come back the next day and pick up their car and we never knew it had happened because it's such a minor incident but there is guard rail damage," days Adele Lewis, TxDOT spokesperson.

But whether major or minor, TxDOT officials say they are still tallying damages from recent winter storms.

"As the supervisors from all 12 of our offices call in their damages to the main office here, we compile a list and we contact our contractor and they will come out and make repairs as soon as they can get here," Lewis explains.

TxDOT officials say an out-of-town contractor will repair the guardrail damage.
While there's no specific time repairs must be done TxDOT officials say local crews will make repairs if damage is severe and poses an imminent danger to drivers.
Mechell Dixon, KFDX 3 News.

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