Tyson plant gives bonuses to employees

VERNON - In all, Tyson expects to save more than $300 million company-wide plans on giving that back to its employees in the form of one-time bonuses. That money will be spent and the city of Vernon hopes its money that stays right there as well.

“It feels good. I like it. I mean we could use it. We work hard for our money,” said Eddie Rodriguez, a Tyson employee.

And now, employees like Rodriquez will have more money in their pocket. Bonuses of $1000 for full time employees and $500 for part time workers. And when the extra money ends up in the worker's pockets, city officials in Vernon hope some of that will change hands with local merchants as well.

“I think it will benefit the businesses of Vernon and the community as a whole,” said Paige Lambert, owner of Savannah Rose. “I think it will bring money back into the community where it should be and I think it will help them shop local.”

Tyson employs about 800 people, so these bonuses could bring a lot of money to the Vernon economy which could use a boost.

“Our local economy, back in 2016 we were experiencing about 6 percent decrease in tax revenues for Vernon, TX,” said Larry Williams, the president of the Vernon Chamber of Commerce. “So, anytime you have a business has 700-800 employees giving out bonuses to their full time and part time employees, it's really going to give a boost to the economy.”

That in addition to the fact it's tax season so tax refunds combined with the bonuses could be just the booster shot folks in Vernon need right about now. The money Tyson saved from the tax reform that does not go to the bonuses will be used to improve training and education for its employees

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