United Supermarkets Helping Furloughed SAFB Workers

It's day three of the government shutdown and there's still no sign of it ending.
The impasse over the budget has shut down facilities and services at military bases across the country.
Mechell Dixon spoke to officials at Sheppard Air Force Base who say the impact is not as severe at the base here as at some bases because Sheppard is a primary training base.

Although several hundred Sheppard Air Force Base workers remain furloughed and several facililties have changed or reduced their hours, not many have actually closed.

This sign displays the hours of operation at the Commissary at Sheppard Air Force Base but officials say thanks to the government shutdown, it's no longer accurate.

"The Commissary remained open Tuesday and then closed starting Wednesday and will be closed as long as the shutdown continues," says George Woodward, public affairs director at Sheppard Air Force Base.

But the nearby base exchange remains opens.

"The commissary is operated through what are called appropriated funds that are designated by congress for a specific purpose whereas the Base Exchange  runs off of nonappropriated funds. In other words, it runs off the money that it makes as an agency," Woodward says.

Woodward says because Sheppard is classified as a primary training base it has more functions that continue in a shutdown than non-primary bases.

"The Air Force and the DOD have prioritized primary training which is initial training when people first come into the Air Force so we do a lot of that here.  That's the bulk of our mission both at the 82nd and the 80th," Woodward explains.

Still, several civilian workers here are no longer on the job and collecting a pay check.

Until the government shutdown does come to an end one business is extending a helping hand to furloughed military personnel.

United Supermarket stores in Abilene, Burkburnett, Graham and Wichita Falls are extending their military discount program for active and retired military.

"We had been doing that every Wednesday though Veterans  Day and we decided instead of doing just Wednesdays we'll do it seven days a week," says Bryan Alexander, operations manager at Market Street.

And company officials say that will happen until the government shutdown ends and furloughed employees return to work.
United Supermarkets is also encouraging furloughed military personnel to apply for part-time positions, which range from cashiers to stockers to sackers and more.
Click the link below to access the link to those part-time jobs:


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