UPDATED: 4.5 OK Quake Felt in Wichita Falls & Texoma

If you thought you felt something at 12:10pm, you did, it was an earthquake.

The magnitude 4.5 earthquake was quickly confirmed after its occurrence at 12:10pm Central Standard Time.

The epicenter of the quake was in the Oklahoma City Metropolitan area nearly underneath Edmond, Oklahoma.

To report to the United States Geological Survey that you felt the quake click this link:  FELT QUAKE

(As of 1245pm Saturday, December 7, 2013) Folks in Wichita Falls have reported to the USGS feeling the quake.  Those that reported in from Wichita Falls rated the shaking as 'light' while those above the epicenter in Edmond listed the shaking as 'strong'.

There have been a few reports of damage in the form of cracks along brickwork and pavement in Edmond, OK.  As the afternoon goes on new reports of damage, most likely minimal, could be reported near the epicenter.

Quakes are not uncommon in Oklahoma and a handful of these quakes have been felt in Wichita Falls and Texoma.

The strongest quake to ever hit the state of Oklahoma was back on November 5th of 2011 when a 5.6 magnitude temblor shook Oklahoma and all surrounding states including being felt in Wichita Falls and surrounding areas of Texoma.

For myself I live on the second floor of an apartment building and I felt the quake instantly and knew what it was.  Different quakes have different motion to them.  This one had a rapid back and forth shake to it.  While other quakes have more of a rolling feeling.  I'd say it lasted for about four seconds.

As of Monday, December 9, more the USGS has received over 3,100 responses from people feeling the quakes in Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas.

Often quakes such as this one will be followed by smaller aftershocks.  On rare occasions the aftershocks can actually be stronger than then initial temblor itself.  And, on even rarer occasions the initial quake can be a foreshock to a larger quake which was the case back in November of 2011 when the strongest quake ever happened.  It had a foreshock quake of about 4.5 magnitude many hours before the main quake shook the region.

For more information on any of this and general earthquake information go to USGS.

KFDX Meteorologist Bryan Rupp

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