Upgrades in Downtown Wichita Falls Could Bring More Business

- A downtown Wichita Falls staple is getting some upgrades.

The changes that are coming to 8th and Ohio won't just help the Farmer's Market but will help build a better foundation for future businesses as well.

The downtown Wichita Falls Farmer's Market will soon be a multipurpose venue that can be used year round.

“Eventually what we want to do is to put garage doors in that are the folding garage doors that we can open them up or if it's inclement weather we can close them down and everybody will be safe,” says Cynthia Laney with Downtown Proud.

Also if we have something in there we can close it down and the farmers or the vendors can leave their things and it will be totally safe.

The first step is closing in the roof, the bathrooms, upgrading the office space and adding extra LED lights that can be used during night time events.

“The copula that will be redone because those panels are dirty and then that will be lit, it will be on LED solar panels lights so it will be lit all the time,” says Laney.

On the inside the structure beams need to be replaced because the wood is starting to rot and then it will get some fresh paint to match the new Farmer's Market sign.

Some new signage will also bring a vintage feel to 8th and Ohio.

There was a sign downtown that went across the street and it was talking about cheap gas, factory city and everything, we're wanting to recreate that here.

That sign will also hold banners to advertise downtown events.

To help bring new businesses to the intersection some water line work needs to be done at the old post office and zales buildings that are being renovated.

That will including ripping up the intersection and adding a larger water line.

“Ohio will be completely redone we will move all of that infrastructure, we will do a lot of changes here,” says Laney.

It's all part of Downtown Proud's larger vision of expanding downtown's walkability.

“People can park and they can get out and walk to the different stores, restaurants,” says Laney.

Bringing back business one step at a time.

4B money will be used to help with the cost.

The work is expected to cost 135 thousand dollars.

The water line work will come out of 4B's budget and is expected to cost about 340 thousand.

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