Vernon College Increases Costs For Coming School Year

The cost of higher education at
Vernon College is going up.

And for many students paying for their school will now be more of a challenge.

Officials say in the last several years they've lost funding from the state.

They have also had to buy the latest technology to keep programs such as online courses competitive with others.

Students at Vernon College are working on a nursing project for school.

But come next year the price they pay to learn will increase, and it has some of them on edge.

"I don't know if it keeps going up if I'll even able to continue," said Leslie Wyatt, a student at Vernon.

"It's frustrating because I have waited this long to go to school and then for tuition to increase, I am in the middle of the program so I am not going to drop out of it but, I am going to have to pay more," said Mary Lynn Weary, another student.

Vernon college officials say the tuition increase for the next school year is actually lower than previous years.

In the past 5 years, on average Vernon has increased its rates about 6 percent, and next year that won't be the case.

"The increase is five dollars per semester hour for the institutional service fee. And when you add that up with total tuition and fee cost it's right at a 3.2 percent increase in cost," said Dr. Dusty Johnston, Vernon College's President.

But students say the small increase will still impact the way they pay for their education.

"I'll have to take out more loans and I will have to cut back on other things, in order to pay for school," said Weary.

For an education she says she's waited a long time for, and no matter what the price she says it's worth it.

Officials at Vernon say even with the tuition increase they are about 30 percent less than regional universities for those in the Wilbarger County Taxing District.

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