Vernon's Stage 4 Has Reduced Water Use by Almost 30%

- As residents and businesses in Wichita Falls prepare for stage four water restrictions, other cities across Texoma continue to enforce their restrictions.

Vernon has been enforcing their stage four restrictions for about a month.

Vernon's stage four is not as strict as ours, since they are a smaller city and have a stage five in their plan. But they have still been able to cut back their water usage by about 30%.

Vernon's stage 4 is a mix of Wichita Falls stage 3 and 4 restrictions.

Residents can only irrigate with hand held hoses or buckets on their designated day.

No cars or boats can be washed with city water.

Pools cannot be filled up and washing driveways is not allowed.

City officials say they hope stage four is enough and they don't expect to have to go to stage five, since the current restrictions are working and their water source is ground water.

“We don't think we'll go there, quite frankly we, we went into stage 4 earlier then what our formally plan calls for,” says Mayor of Vernon Jeff Bearden.

Vernon is not the only city in stage four restrictions.

Henrietta voted to enact stage four Tuesday night.

Their rules are almost exactly the same as Vernon’s as they also have a stage five that could come next.

Henrietta does not get water from Wichita Falls either.

Saturday will start Wichita Falls' stage four restrictions.

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