Victim of Polk St. Home Invasion Says He's Lucky to be Alive

WICHITA FALLS - The 83 year old man who was assaulted during a home invasion on Polk Street says he's lucky to be alive.

Willie Wall is doing as well as can expected after the kind of assault he suffered.  He will need rest and recovery time, but he is already getting anxious to to get back to work at the courthouse, doing what he loves.

"Why would anybody want to hurt Willie Wall," said Wichita County Commissioner Barry Mahler. "You can look at this as an home invasion, you can look at it as an assault, but I tell you when you see Willie Wall first thing that comes to mind is that this is attempted murder."

Wall has been the Wichita County Administrative Assistant since the 1980s.

"Willie Wall doesn't have to work for Wichita County, he could be retired," said Mahler. "He wants to work for the people of Wichita County and he does a good job each and every day."

Mahler said the Air Force Veteran goes home for lunch at the same time every day, but when he went home Monday afternoon he found his house in disarray.

"At the back kitchen door, I saw a person going out," said Wall. "So I ran through the house and chased three of them. They ran to the fence and started jumping over."

He said he tried to pull a woman off of the fence, but she managed to get away. Wall said he then went  to get the license plate number on a car he saw on the side street near his home. But, he said one of the burglars must have still been in the house because when he came back in to call police, he was hit twice in the head by what police say was a brick. And he was unconscious for around 40 minutes before he came to.

"I got to the phone to call for help," said Wall. "And I was out on the porch and Wichita Falls Police Officer showed up. He told, 'you sit here, the ambulance is coming.' So, they took care of me."

And he said he is appreciative of all the support he has received.

"Of course, I lost my wife in November of last year, but the Courthouse family supported me."

"Because no one expects something like this to happen, but when it does when and you have a support family behind you and is going to make things right, it makes life worth living."

Wichita Falls Police have released video they think could be one of the group in Monday's burglary and assault on Polk. 

Police said the burglars, who took an unknown amount of items from the home, are described as Hispanic and were last seen driving a black vehicle.

If you know anything about this case, call Crime Stoppers at 940-322-9888. You could earn up to $1,000.

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