Viral Video Involving Electra City Officials

 A viral video involving an Electra city official, the former police chief and two police officers there at the time is creating quite a stir.

It's called "Two False Charges in Electra Texas, Prosecutor Tries to Add More at Pretrial and So Much More"

The video was created by Scott Nesin, who says he put it together because he believes Texans should have their constitutional rights protected.

The video now has thousands of views and shows dash cam video from March, 2013.

Nesin says he and his wife were stopped on the side of the road with plans to switch drivers because his wife was getting too tired to continue.

That's when he says two Electra police officers, Matt Wood and Gary Ellis, came up to his van to make sure his family was okay.

After some discussion about handing over his drivers license with Officer Ellis, Officer Wood can be seen opening a passenger van door, in what Nesin calls an unconstitutional search.  Nesin says be verbally objected to that search.

Nesin was given two citations, one for failing to indetify, which Nesin says he did, and one for Failure to Display a Drivers License, which Nesin says he did not have to do because he was not operating a vehicle at the time.

The video continues during what Nesin calls a pretrial with Electra city attorney Todd Greenwood, where Nesin says he feels he was denied due process of law many times.

Nesin says he never expected the conversation to go as it did.

Nesin says, "When I was talking with greenwood at the pretrial, I was a bit stunned, it had been going well and he had been polite up until then.  I thought it was going to be an open and shut case for me.  Then it got very adversarial.  I didn't like how the "altered deal, pray I don't alter it any further" conversation was going. I was thinking does anyone in this town respect the laws?"

The video then continues with a recording of a conversation between Greenwood and former Police Chief Johnny Morris.

Nesin says he is grateful Morris handled the situation the way he did.

In the end, Greenwood dismissed the charges without cost, which Nesin objected to because he wanted access to additional video and audio from cameras Officer Ellis and Officer Wood were wearing.

Nesin says Associate Judge Dianne Gribble refused his motions, though and the charges remain dismissed.

He says he doesn't have any legal action in motion right now because he doesn't have the legal means to pursue the case at this time.

He says a simple apology would be nice.

KFDX has made calls to Todd Greenwood, both at his law firm and city office, calls were also placed to Electra City Administrator Larry Pannell.

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