Voters will Decide if Iowa Park will go Wet on Election Day

During the upcoming election on Saturday, folks living in Iowa Park will decide whether to make their Texoma community wet or keep it dry.

People on both sides of the argument are making a final push for or against the proposal.

Both sides believe the decision to make Precinct 3 wet is going to be a close one and that's why they're urging residents to head to polls on election day. 

Tim Sheppard, spokesman for Citizens to Keep Tax Dollars in Iowa Park says the biggest push behind this is that it is the first time the voters, the citizens and the people of Iowa Park in Precinct 3 have had this decision since the prohibition.

Sheppard is hoping voters will help bring the sell of alcohol to town.

A move he says will benefit the community.

"It's all about the growth and the rebirth of Iowa Park," Sheppard says. "Trying to bring new money, new business and bottom line is the tax dollars it would increase in Iowa Park."

However, others do not want alcohol sold inside city limits.

Bill Lockwood, minister at Church of Christ, says he is against any measure to make the town wet.

"I'm against that and I'm against the sell of alcohol. I don't believe we should do that and I don't believe Christians should be participating in it," Lockwood exclaims.

Lockwood says allowing the sell of alcohol would open the doors to terrible consequences often associated with alcohol.

"Can anyone point a benefit of alcohol besides we get more money from this," Lockwood says. "I don't think so and I think the positive affects of finances are going to be offset by the multitude of problems that will always come.

But, both sides can agree it's up to the voters to have their voices heard.

Sheppard says, "The most important thing is all of these people have to get out and vote. It doesn't matter what your thoughts are if you don't go out and vote."

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