Walk for Knowledge of Child Abuse

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Many organizations in Wichita County that work with children came together to help raise awareness with the very first "Walk of Knowledge".

Eddie Randle explains how there getting the word out and helping many children and families in the process.

More than 500 pairs of shoes lined the floor of United Methodist Church Wednesday.

These shoes represent the 541 children who were confirmed victims of abuse or neglected in Wichita County in 2012.

This event was not meant to bring down their spirits but to raise awareness.

Randy Neff with Child Protective Services says,"The walk of knowledge this was actually our first year to do this in Wichita County, what an amazing way to really help the community understand where we stand with child abuse and neglect".

A study shows more than 200 children died at the hands of parents or caregivers, and 64,000 were either abused or neglected in the state of Texas alone.

Organizers say they want people to know there are many different types of child abuse.

Teen Emergency Shelter Supervisor, Geana Fox says, "Just because it may not be physical, it may not be sexual but there's emotional, there's just plain neglect and that is a form of abuse".

"Whenever we are aware of these situations and we can assist families and children we strengthen families and children, said Neff".

Pastor Bateman of Evangel Temple spoke about the a new facility that would help young adults making the transition out of cps and foster care once they turn 18.

"The P.I. or Phased In Project is to help kids that have aged out of the foster care system to get them into a transitional life program that is beyond your average state agency or transitional living center"," says Kile Bateman, Pastor of Evangel Temple.

A center that will allow abused neglected and foster children a chance to walk in a positive direction.

Several cities in Texas have transitional living centers.

Austin has a center that holds 16 people.

Pastor Bateman is hoping the one here will hold 35, making it the largest in the state.

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