Warmer Temperatures Caused Some Businesses to Be Busy

- After two days of freezing temperatures, warmer weather has made its way to Texoma. And the impact of the mercury rising caused many businesses to be very busy today.

Construction and car wash businesses were seriously impacted by on-again off-again snow, ice and freezing temperatures. While the weather caused some businesses to be delayed it had others coming to a complete halt.

Employees at All American Car Wash in Wichita Falls were happy to be working. Managers say this is the second day this month temperatures have been above 32 degrees paving the way for the business to be open which made it a very busy day.

"Mostly the cars that have been driving through the debris on the roads-- very thick debris on them," says Chris Ayres, general manager of All American Car Wash.

Although removing evidence of winter weather from vehicles is causing workers to move quickly, mangers say sadly, the rush will not add any more money to paychecks because Stage 4 water restrictions limit the number of hours the business can operate.

"We got about 70 employees that rely on this for their families so it makes times tough.  It hurts the employees.  I've had people begging for hours and we do the best we can do," Ayres explains.

Wichita Falls construction crews are doing the best they can to finish projects like here on the Bonny Drive Alley. City public works officials say sub-freezing temperatures have caused delays, especially on projects that require concrete.

Back at the car wash, crews are hustling to clean and dry as many cars as they can before temperatures drop again and force them to throw in the towel and wait at home for warmer weather.

All American officials say the Kell Boulevard car wash normally cleans about 800 cars during its ours of operation, but today they expect to clean about 1,500 cars at a rate of 150 per hour. And managers expect both car wash businesses in town be extremely busy for the next week.

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