Water Audits Helping W.F. Restaurants Save More Water

- The push to conserve water is growing even more dire as the City of Wichita Falls may be going to Stage 5 water restrictions next week.

But it's not just residents who are conserving. Restaurants are being asked to cut back substantially in their water use.

Logan's Roadhouse serves up lots of food each day, which also means a lot of water use. But that changed more than a month ago after city health officials conducted a water audit.

"We tried to think of ways they could change some of their culture and some of their processes to save water," says Susan Morris, environmental health administrator with Wichita Falls - Wichita County Public Health District.

Changes that included only running the dish washer with a full load, which managers say led to big savings.

"Between  62% and 63% in that first month which sounds huge but it was just a lot of little bitty procedures that we changed and in the long run it added up big time," says Craig Harmel, general manager at Logan's Roadhouse.

Harmel says the restaurant went from using about 5,000 gallons of water each day to just over 2,000 gallons. And that gave the health district a big idea.

"The director and I decided that maybe I could do more of those audits and work with some other restaurants and see if they can save water... more restaurants can save more water with using some of these suggestions that have worked in others," Morris adds.

Morris will only say she's conducted  audits at only a handful of restaurants in Wichita Falls but says she does plan to continue with the larger ones and work her way down to help other restaurants save more water. Starting next week, Morris says she hopes to start auditing one restaurant each week.

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